Community needs are at the forefront of our prevention services. They are provided by certified prevention specialists who utilize integrated and evidence-based practices to provide quality prevention strategies and activities to the people and communities of the tri-county area.


Prevention services are designed to help tri-county citizens of all ages avoid the dangers of using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Services strive to prevent young people from experimenting with these substances, as well as, to prevent the development of problems among specific high-risk groups and the public at large. Available in communities throughout Orangeburg, Bamberg and Calhoun counties, prevention services are based upon the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) principles of sound research and developed according to the planning and evaluation model, Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). Services are designed to address specific risk and protective factors within the community along an integrated six strategy framework outlined by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP).
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Information Dissemination
Community-Based Process
Environmental Strategies

Information Dissemination provides awareness and knowledge of the nature and extent of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, abuse and addiction. It also increases awareness of the effects on individuals, families and communities while promoting available prevention program and services.

Presentations (Customized Topics)
Health Fairs
Traditional and Social Media Campaigns
Education aims to teach participants critical life and social skills in order to promote health and well-being while at the same time preventing problems that may occur without these skills. Educational strategies are multi-session and typically occur in a classroom and/or small group session. The current program actively available is Project Alert for middle school students ( Program length is eleven sessions approximately one hour long. Other evidence-based programs are available upon inquiry.
Community-Based Process reflects the need to address community issues and concerns regarding substance misuse by creating community partnerships. It includes activities that organize, plan, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of program implementation through collaboration, coalition building and networking.
Edisto Health Coalition (EHC) - More information about the coalition can be found here. If interested in becoming a member, please fill out the application.
F.I.R.E. (Fearless Individuals Reaching Excellence) Squad Youth Coalition - Application to become a member can be found here.
Alcohol Enforcement Teams (AET) 1st and 2nd Judicial Circuits.
Environmental strategies are focused on changing aspects of the community environment that contribute to the use of alcohol and other drugs. Specifically, they aim to decrease the social and health consequences of substance abuse by limiting access to substances and changing social norms that are accepting and permissive of misuse. They can change public laws, policies and practices to create environments that decrease the probability of substance abuse.
Alcohol and Tobacco Compliance Checks: Adolescent undercover informants (UCI) along with law enforcement check retail outlets for compliance with underage drinking and tobacco laws.
Merchant Education – Palmetto Retailers Education Program (PREP): Volunteer and court-ordered education program for merchants who sell alcohol, tobacco and vaping products.
Synar-Youth Access to Tobacco Survey: Annual federally mandated compliance survey of a sampling of tobacco retailers in the tri-county area to measure underage sales.
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Special Projects

Special prevention projects focus on targeted community needs generally based on funding opportunities. Some of these projects are for one-time sustainable activities and others reflect ongoing needs within the community.

For the Love Of
StoreFront Project
Communities That Care (CTC) Survey
Out of Their Hands
Medicine Disposal


Kandie Goodwin, CSPP, ICPS
Prevention Director/Coalition Facilitator

Tri-County Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse/Edisto Health Coalition
P.O. Box 1166/910 Cook Road
Orangeburg, SC 29116/29118
Phone: 803-536-4900 *138

Tony Ackiss, CSPP, ICPS
Alcohol Enforcement Coordinator

Tri-County Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse
P.O. Box 1166/910 Cook Road
Orangeburg, SC 29116/29118
Phone: 803-536-4900 *145

Vincent Sanders, CPS, ICPS
Adolescent Outreach Coordinator
Tri-County Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse/Edisto Health Coalition
P.O. Box 1166/910 Cook Road
Orangeburg, SC 29116/29118
Phone: 803-536-4900 *169
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