Adolescent Inpatient

Adolescents struggling with substance abuse deserve high-quality treatment at affordable prices.

 The McCord Center offers a 24-hour structured regime of medical and clinical services to adolescents with or without private insurance, that are presenting alcohol or other drug addictions.

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Services Offered

Admission Physical Exam
Nursing Exam and 24/7 Nursing Services
Physician Services Available 24/7
Medical Detoxification
Psychiatric Evaluation and Monitoring
Psychological Evaluation
Individual, Group and Family Counseling
Life Skills Development
Social/Recreational Therapy
Spirituality Services
Self-Help Orientation
Homebound Education
Discharge Planning

Length of Stay

The McCord Center utilizes the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Patient Placement Criteria II to determine levels of care and lengths of stay.

The Length of Stay is Based on Two Factors:

The severity of the illness and the progress that individual makes while in treatment. Average lengths of stay range from 5-8 weeks.

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Family involvement

Family Involvement

Family Counseling sessions are an extremely important part of treatment.

Weekly family sessions are scheduled to begin the process of mending relationships and working on issues such as communication, trust, and boundaries. 

Our experience is that the greater the involvement of the family in treatment, the more likely the adolescent is going to have success in changing their life.


Visitation is limited only to immediate family members. Visitation only takes place immediately following family sessions.

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Adolescent Inpatient Admission Process


Contact Sabrina Johnson at 803-534-2328 *151

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